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Breastfeeding References and Resources

Breastfeeding References and Resources
Breastfeeding Support at PMA

Breastmilk helps give babies a healthy start in life, and Pediatric & Medical Associates supports mothers who choose to breastfeed their children. We want you to enjoy your baby and the entire breastfeeding experience.

Jane Lawrence-Riddell, APRN, IBCLC, joined our staff in January 2010. Jane is a nurse practitioner and board certified lactation consultant. She is available by phone for questions and in the office by appointment. Jane currently works Mondays in the Cheshire office, Wednesdays in the New Haven office, and Saturday mornings for urgent visits in New Haven. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your breastfeeding baby.

Please bring your breastpump (if you are currently using one) to any breastfeeding consultation appointments at our office. Please also try to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so that we may weigh your baby before your visit and have you ready to be seen as efficiently as possible. Thank you!

For more information, several of our informational handouts on breastfeeding are available on this website (see breastfeeding resources below). Books on breastfeeding and additional resources for families are also listed.

updated: 4 years ago