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A Note from Dr. Brown on Bug &Tick Season

Bug and tick season is upon us.  If possible avoid the outdoors during the early AM hours and at dusk when the bugs like to come out.  Loose fitting and long sleeve clothing help the critters not find their way to our skin.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends DEET for insect repellent.  The bug repellent should contain between 10-30% DEET.  Over 30% does not offer greater protection.  DEET products are safe over the age of 2 months.  Treat exposed skin and clothing avoiding hands, eyes, and irritated skin. Picaridin can be used as an alternative to DEET.  Do not use combination sunscreens and bug repellents since the sunscreen has to be reapplied and the bug repellent does not.  Make sure you wash the repellent off your child after they are inside.  Enjoy the summer.  

updated: 2 years ago